3D printed with the highest quality PLA filament.

"This adapter was exactly what I was looking for. Now I can charge and display my Zenwatch next to my bed."

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-Wes C.

Designed and

Made in the USA

Tested Watch: LG Urbane

Fits: All adapter models


  • Made of plastic and sand blasted aluminum
  • Angle of display very upright
  • Not ideal for large charging docks
  • Base has high density foam
  • Two piece design with removable cable cover. Won't fit thick USB cables.

This stand takes an interesting approach by making the stand two pieces. Bundled with the stand is a cover plate and a screw to assemble the upright piece to the base. The parts are definitely aluminum, because the whole stand only weighs in at 6.7 ounces. I found the stands angle to be too upright and the slot to put half of watch band too close to the hole where the charging adapter goes. On large docks or watches, this will definitely pose a problem. I did like the wire guide on the back and within the cover. It makes the adapter seem more integrated and gives the stand a clean finished look when assembled. 

My Review:

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