3D printed with the highest quality PLA filament.

"This adapter was exactly what I was looking for. Now I can charge and display my Zenwatch next to my bed."

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-Wes C.

Designed and

Made in the USA

Got a Huawei Smartwatch but can't find a nice stand to display or charge your watch on?

This 3D printed adapter with genuine 3M VHB double-sided adhesive allows owners of a Huawei Smartwatch to utilize any watch stand designed for the 2015 Apple Watch. The adapter is precisely designed to fit the back of the magnetic charger dock that is included with the Huawei watch. The special 3M VHB adhesive is placed in two opposing spots to lock the adapter securely to the back while you insert and remove your watch from the charging dock. A special cord channel on the adapter allows the cable to be easily threaded underneath the charging dock since all Apple Watch stands assume the cable is threaded from the left; the Huawei charging dock is opposite. This part is designed and manufactured in 3D and is made of 100% PLA material. Made in the USA.


  • Single stand adapter for Huawei Smartwatch
  • Rubber O-rings included to fit Spigen, Navitech, eLander, and many other Apple Watch stands
  • Additional 3M VHB adhesive included specifically for eLander stand and others
  • Accessory Only. Huawei Charger, Huawei Watch, or Stands shown not included

Huawei Adapter