3D printed with the highest quality PLA filament.

"This adapter was exactly what I was looking for. Now I can charge and display my Zenwatch next to my bed."

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-Wes C.

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Made in the USA

So this Apple watch stand was sold through the Apple store (that's where I bought mine). If you aren't already familiar with this Twelve South brand, they make very high quality Apple Watch stands that utilize very little plastic and have a bit of a design flare. Although I liked this stand, the wire management didn't accommodate thicker cords and it was visible from the back. The stand was also short and the watch seemed to sit low, which made it awkward to place the watch on the stand. 

Twelve South Forte

My Review:

Tested Watch: LG Urbane

Fits: All adapter models

Link: Here

Price: $59.95


  • Polished chrome all-metal construction (except plastic ring on top)
  • Leather base nice touch; not usable when watch is docked.
  • Wiring channel only accessible from bottom
  • Base is heavy; Watch sits low, making docking the watch awkward