3D printed with the highest quality PLA filament.

"This adapter was exactly what I was looking for. Now I can charge and display my Zenwatch next to my bed."

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-Wes C.

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Mophie Apple Watch Stand

Our Current Favorite Stand

We buy all of the stands that we test. Only the ones tested that work with the Fat Dog MODS adapter are listed in the Buy Now section.  There are so many stands, of course, made for the Apple Watch we couldn't possibly try them all, but once and awhile we come across a stand that we love for one reason or another and that stand we feature here. 

We love this Apple watch stand made by Mophie. It has an exceptionally high build quality and the base allows a standard USB cable to fit through the machined hole with cover. Most of the stands are designed with a wire routing so specific to the apple watch charger that no other micro usb or proprietary cable with standard USB A cable end won’t fit.

The stand is clearly machined  and the rubberized components are soft and supple. The angle the Fat Dog MODS adapter sits at is perfect for bedside or viewing sitting down or standing up.

The height of the stand is also just right. A lot of these stands are too short and a lot of the metal band options on watches like the LG Urbane or Huawei watch will just slightly rub on the base. Not so bad when it’s leather, leatherette, or rubber, but on all-aluminum stands it makes a noise that’s akin to fingernails on a dry school chalk board.