3D printed with the highest quality PLA filament.

"This adapter was exactly what I was looking for. Now I can charge and display my Zenwatch next to my bed."

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-Wes C.

Designed and

Made in the USA

We believe a beautifully designed wearable should be accompanied with a stand that not only displays the watch or activity tracker, but interfaces 100% with the OEM charging solution provided by the manufacturer. Third-party charging solutions are never as reliable as the original ones, so we make sure the adapters we design fit the genuine charging dock or cable.


If you can't beat'em, then at least take advantage of all the choices they provide. By using a Fat Dog MODS adapter, every Apple Watch stand can now be made to display your particular watch.

Fat Dog MODS designs and manufactures all of its adapters using state-of-the art 3D modeling software and printers.  Each design goes through rigorous testing with the associated OEM charging solution to insure fit, finish, and accuracy.

Slight differences in stand designs can be quickly corrected and immediately incorporated within the finished adapter. 3D printing technology allows the company to custom tailor a single part to a customers needs without having to create new molds, commit to large quantities, or re-tool. 

We use only the highest quality filament and strongly believe 3D printing produces a better part at the cost the market demands.

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